There was a time when the only way a comic strip artist could get his or her stuff “out there” to be seen was to either get hooked up with a syndicate (better luck getting hit by lightning…seriously.  Out of roughly 6,000 submissions a year, you have a 0.033% chance), or beg someone who was publishing a local newsletter or newspaper to allow you to post your comics in it.  The internet has changed that.  It has made it both easier and more difficult to be seen.  Anyone can self publish now, just like I do.  Domains names are dirt-cheap to purchase and website are so easy to setup, anyone who has little to no knowledge of how things work can get their content up. However, with this boon of technology advancements, it has allowed everyone who can draw and tell jokes to do just that.  Everyone from the 16 year old first-timer to the 65 year old veteran, they are all out there.  And that puts a lot of stuff in the pipeline to sift through.

So it’s easy to get over looked.

One interesting thing I’ve found over the last few months is the web comic community is very supportive of everyone in it.  Everyone does their part to help promote not only their own stuff, but others as well.  What a concept.  In a highly competitive market as web comics, they are all about the community.  Brilliant!  Through Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, yes even Google+, everyone is “retweeting”, “liking”, and “upvoting” other artist’s stuff.  What this does is two-fold.  One, it get the other artist’s material noticed by those who might not know it exists and, two, gets their own stuff noticed in the process.  Also, it broadens the community.  Through this process which I have been brought into, I have met some very talented and very nice people along the way that I would never known otherwise.

So why am I rambling on about this?  Well, here’s what I’m thinking.  I’m feeling compelled to do my part in this process by, once a week, giving a shout-out to a fellow artist’s material.  Give a mention, post a link, talk about why I like what I see or read.  I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when a fellow cartoonist mentioned my comic strip in a Tweet or someplace where others might see it.  Gives me a feeling like… well, I might be on the right track with this stuff.  Plus I’ve been a student of comic strips since I was a kid, I might bring some massive insight into your lives and find this information invaluable… uh…well…

There is a caveat though.  There are some strips that I love and follow but I just can’t promote on this site due to the audience I have.  Doesn’t mean I am slighting them, it’s just might not be appropriate for my all ages audience (sorry Mike Witmer).

Anyway, that’s my plan.  Cheers and keep on stripping.