I have developed a great relationship with several very talented cartoonist in the web comic world.  I have social media to thank for this directly.  Twitter and Facebook have been invaluable in cultivating and maintaining these relationships, but as much interaction as I have gotten on Twitter and the connections on Facebook there is one that has outshined them both.  Now what I’m about to say, don’t judge, but I have actually find that Google+ has been really helpful.  I won’t go into the why’s and What’s of Google+, I’ll save that for another post.  But let’s just say I find it more personal and friendlier than Facebook and even Twitter at times.

Why am I bringing this up?  Because it allowed me to find a really great web comic that I might not have known about otherwise.

The web comic is called Matt Against the World, and it’s the brainchild of a husband and wife duo Andy Baird and Shannon Maquire.  Shannon does the writing and Andy handles the art end of business and it’s a really good match-up.

The strip is about a thirty-something guy named Matt.  He lives with his dog named Popsicle and between the two of them, they try to navigate around this crazy modern world.  Matt takes us through dating, parents, single living, and all the other stuff that life has to offer.

Matt Against the World is cleverly written, so my hats off to Shannon for handling this task.  As a comic strip person myself, I know this isn’t an easy task especially when you are relying on someone else to do the art.  She fills Matt and the other characters with situations that are funny and clever.  Humor that is solid, believable, and in most cases, unexpected.  If I can’t see the punchline before I get to the last frame, you’ve done you job well.

Now, if I had to use a word to describe this strip, the word wound be… simply.  This strip is simply written, simply drawn, and simply funny!!

The art is done equally well.  I love characters that are interestingly designed and the strip definitely delivers. Andy has a really fun, simple, and clean style to his art with just enough detail to carry the story and joke to punchline.  He illustrates Shannon’s perfectly giving a real tight feel to the strip.  The website also reflects the simplicity of the art.  Just enough to get the job done without looking sparse or lacking.  In fact there is a really no “About” link to the strip and the only explanation is found on the Facebook and Google+ page.  But I don’t find this to be a negative.  It’s easy to figure the background out by reading the first few strips what the concept is.  After all, it ties in with the “simple” concept behind the strip.

Now I usually don’t write negatives about a strip, but I’ll make and exception here.  My complaint?  That It’s only update once a week.  Yikes!  You mean I have to wait an entire week to get my Matt fix?  Ok, guys.  I’ll wait.  Perfection can’t be rushed.

Matt Against the World can be found at mattagainsttheworld.com and is updated every Saturday (yep, a Saturday update schedule).  Check out what a well oiled team can do… simply.