BAM!  There it is.  a $40,000,000 bear!

I can’t speak for my Canadian or UK readers, but here in the good ol’ U.S., there’s all kinds of weird and ridiculous things that happen with government agencies and money.  Like when  project gets green-lighted when no one wants it to happen, when it makes no sense to continue on with it, and when there’s no money to fund it.  But that one right person want’s it to happen and, by-gosh, it’s happening.  So for me it’s no stretch of the imagination to think that the government agency depicted here in this strip (or any agency for that matter) would go from one extreme to another.  From virtually no support to complete and utter overcompensation.  How can they justify it?  Well, I am aware that government agencies spend all of their budgeted money before the end of the fiscal year.  If they don’t, they risk not getting that amount for the next fiscal year.  So a lot of them wind up spending money on some pretty crazy things.

So, why $40,000,000?  I am familiar with a particular program that has been green-lighted at the tune of approximately $80 million +.  I was going to use that figure for this part of the story arc but decided to cut that amount in half because I didn’t want to appear too ludicrous.  But I truly believe that Duffy’s scenario could and does happen all the time.

This will be the closest I will ever get to political satire, I promise.  I’ll leave that to the pros, Berkeley Breathed and Gary Trudeau.

Meantime, I can’t wait to see what this new found windfall has in store for our clueless hero.  Some folks have already weighed in with their comments.  We’ll see who has it right.





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