At least the burrito slippers are warm.

This strip started out as a way to introduce a prop for Amelia.  Namely a hat of some sort.  See, now it’s Amelia’s turn to give me grief.  I have been struggling with her character design for some time now.  I’ve been trying to get back to the original feel when I first did character sketches a year ago.  She was more kid-like and more tom-boyish.  So in my challenge, I thought maybe a hat would help things.  I decided against the hat I think (but pressed on with the gag). My theory in drawing a character is they should be fun to draw.  If they are fun, it shows.  If they aren’t fun, your hating life.

So more minor tweaking I guess.

I have a guest strip coming up in June for another artist’s comic.  Amelia is making an appearance (spoiler alert) and I need to dial her in soon.


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