I like how the photograph in the dossier is pretty much what Duffy’s doing right in front of North.  How did they manage to get that photograph like that anyway?  What are the odds?  Oh, wait.  I’d say pretty good, considering I drew that photograph.  And is that a hint of a last name for Duffy?



Little behind the scenes Friday:

I usually try to avoid modifying my original inked drawing.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it’s me trying to embrace old school “what goes on paper is what it is.”  However, this time, I decided to embrace the 21st century and hack this thing up for scene blocking purposes.  I wasn’t happy with how the first two panels were laid out, plus I wanted something to partially cover Duffy’s name. The fur blotches weren’t working for me and then there was the matter of Amelia’s hair….

So I did some modifications.  The original is below.


Original Strip

Just goes to show ya, not everything is planned.


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