Everyone should own a pair.  They make everything so…. festive.  Since my update schedule falls before and after Thanksgiving, happy Thankgiving to all in the states.  And to those who are in other parts of the world, happy November 28th.

Another milestone.

By the way, this strip marks three months since Flatt Bear has been launched.  I honestly figured that, by now, I would have either run out of ideas and jokes or just grown weary of how much work is involved to produce this entity.  But I’m finding out that I am still have plenty of ideas and I am still enjoying the stew out of this.  I am very excited about where this is all is going and am encouraged by all those who have stuck it out this far.  And to those who have recently joined, welcome and thank you for giving this a go.  So stick around there is plenty of cools things coming down the pike. Promise.


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