So I had no idea what he punchline for this strip was going to be.  Honest.  I had an idea that I wanted Duff do something to Carl’s home.  I settled on mistaking the tree for Carl’s home, but I couldn’t figure out what the gag was going to be.  I toyed around with Duff finding his way into the tree with his big ‘ol butt hanging out the hole. Then I thought it might be funny for something to be hanging off Duff’s arm when he pulled it out in the final frame.  Maybe beaver chomping down on his hand whilst Duff was oblivious.  But I didn’t feel like drawing a beaver.  So, as I was getting ready to opened up a comic book to get some inspiration, I dawned on me.  Bees.  Go with the bees.

You can never lose with bees.  Duff’s arc enemies.


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