I’ll be straight up honest.  This one posed a challenge.  Not the writing aspect, but the art.  I spent way too much time penciling in the artwork trying to get everything just right.  You see, every new strip offers a new challenge for me.  I’m always looking at the last strip I did and asking myself, “what can I do to improve?”  Lately, that challenge has been to work on consistency.  Consistency in art style, in character design, and especially character size.  I noticed that in Monday’s strip, I had Lucy gain three bra sizes and a little weight inside of the four panels.

Egad Lucy!  My sincere apologies.

Anyway, in today’s strip, we find our hero, Duff, closing in on a talent that could pose useful…somewhere.  Grub-therapist.  Hmmmm, I like the sound of that.  Let’s try to get that started shall we?


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