Yep.  Sometimes that’s all it takes.  One time.  And if you’re lucky, someone will have a camera phone to document it.

John Sutton is one of the first cartoonists I got to know shortly after starting Flatt Bear.  He was also the first one to send me unsolicited fan art last year.  He is an incredibly talented and funny guy, and a real good friend to boot.  John is responsible for his own comic The Petri Dish, which is a strip about a scientist, Doctor Thaddeus Euphemism, and two robots, Bob and iBall.  Together they muddle their way around a laboratory,  experimenting with most advanced bafoonary know to science… er I mean comedy.

Check out his guest strip, then wonder over the The Petri Dish and check out his own stuff.

Remember, come back tomorrow to check out another new guest strip from another John… errr… Jon…

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