Never realized Duffy came from a long line of famous bears.  No family resemblance, so they must be distant cousins.  Also freeloading cousins.


Michael Corley is one of those muti-talented sorts.  He does a comic strip called Vox in a Box, kinda of a supernatural, spooky, creepy comic strip.  If you like magic, it’s got it.  If you like zombies?  It’s got that too.  How about monsters?  Mayhem?  Knife wielding zombie hunters?  Talking bats named Clive?  All there.  Check it out.

In addition to a comic strip artist, Michael is also an amateur magician… or maybe a professional.  Not sure how you can tell really.  Maybe amateurs pull stuff rabbits out of baseball caps instead of the real thing out of top hats.  That’s why I’m not a magician.

For tomorrow, we always suspected Duff as a pest, but these guys try to do something about it.

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