Well Carl.  Not only do people read your blog, but apparently Strad and Pelet have chosen to act on what you write.  Yes, you should stop venting.  You’re causing hysteria.


I can go months and months and never know who is following Flatt Bear or reading it.  It’s not until  someone comments on a strip before I know who is creeping around out there.  Rich Lauzon was one of those who suddenly appeared on my radar one day and I was pleasantly surprised.  I had been reading his comic strip, Space Pest Removal, off and on for a year or so.  I ran into by accident and I was fascinated by the clever idea behind it.  It’s about two … guys(?) Strad and Pelet who work for a pest removal service.  Except the pests they deal with are usually alien beings from another planet.  Fun.  Rich probably has no idea I was following his strip, because I don’t think I ever posted a comment.  Go check out his stuff.. and leave a comment or two.  Let him know you’re out there.

Don’t be that guy.

Tomorrow, we bring guest strip to a close with a triple hitter.

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