Holy moly Carl!!!  You went with the full “mouth on” demo, didn’t you?


Know anyone who actually lives in Tasmania?  I mean someone besides the Tasmanian Devil that is.  Well, you do now.  Tony McGurk calls home to an island 150 miles (240 kilometers) south of the Australian mainland.  Tony’s one of few of my cartoonist friends who live somewhere other than the US.  He also writes and draws a comic strip called Atomic Underpants (formally Out the Bush).  Because Tony lives somewhere other than here, his comic strip features characters unique to his own region like wombats and snakes and stuff and with that, brings their unique sense of humor and outlook.  Great stuff.  Stop by his site and remember to share his underpants.

Come by Monday, as we continue guest strip week(s).  Some more great artists on deck.

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