Well, at least Carl is benefiting from Duffy’s molt.

This gag took a major rewrite just before I put ink to paper.  It was supposed to take place in the lodge restaurant with hair getting into everyone’s food.  Then I thought, I hadn’t really established that Duffy works in the restaurant (although he did work at the boarding house dinner for about 8 hours).   So this is what came about.

Whaaaaa, another guest strip?

Yeppers.  Only this time, I’m the artist.  I did a strip for the very talented Jon Esparza (yep, spelled it correctly this time Jon) for his Mike and Mindy comic.  Mike and Mindy, for those unfamiliar, is a comic about two crazy kids getting into all kinds of wild trouble.  Jon’s strip has been running for 5 years now and to help celebrate anniversary, he’s called on some very talented artists (and myself) to help out.  The strip actually posted yesterday but since I don’t post on Tuesdays, but you can find it right HERE.  Giver a look-see and check out some of the other artist’s offerings.


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