Well, Carl was close with his description.

State of the Flatt Bear union

Things are humming along pretty good here at Flatt Bear.  So naturally it’s time to shake things up.  I’m planning to freshen up the tired old site.  I’m no sure how deep I want to change things but it’s time to change a few things.  We’ve also introduced a couple of new characters, Gibson and Paul.  They seem to be a big hit and we’ll be seeing part of the permanent cast lineup.  I’m planning to introduce a few more new characters here soon.  Some folks that will add a little more depth to our current lineup.

But one of the areas I want to expand on is the lodge itself.  I’ve sort of ignored a major important character in this strip, that being the lodge itself.  We saw the lodge when the gang first went and checked it out, and thats the last time I showed any of it.  I’m currently working on fleshing out a new revamped version of the lodge which will allow me to use as a better backdrop for some of the strips.  It’s was also my intention originally that, since it’s a lodge, I would bring in incidental characters on and off.  Guests and such.

Yep.  Things are humming along, alright.

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