If you need to keep a secret, I suspect that Duffy’s the last person (or bear)  you want to tell.  I must say, I’m super happy how this strip came out.  I feel I’ve finally worked out some bugs with my character designs on all involved.


Additional stuffz

In addition to the normal Wednesday update stuff, there’s two other things going as well.

First,  I had the opportunity to do a guest strip for the awesome comic The Bully’s Bully.  My first one ever, in fact.  The very talented Coutney Huddleston and James Taylor were in need of some guest material for the week and I nervously volunteered.  Check out my efforts if you dare.  You can find it at The Bully’s Bully.  And whilst you’re there, check out the comic as well.  Good stuff!

Second and not least, I had my first fan art submitted.  The very funny John Sutton of the comic The Petri Dish penned this over a lunch break and sent it to me.  What an absolute thrill it was for me to see this in my inbox!   Thanks very much John.  This means a lot to me!  Truly brought a tear to my eye. Very funny stuff and the best steamroller I’ve seen… ever!

And if you’re looking for some science based comedy check his stuff out here at The Petri Dish.  Great Stuff as well!

Fanart - John Sutton

Fan art by John Sutton of The Petri Dish


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