This weeks experimentation with format sizes has come to an end.  And I’m here to tell you my ruling has to do with the title of today’s strip.  Never again.  I thought it would be nice to get rid of the old tired horizontal four-panel format and go with something that would embrace today’s technology.  The horizontal format hearkens back to the newspaper days where real estate was scarce.  I thought it would be nice to make these strips bigger so they could be read more easily on phones and other mobile devices since I don’t have to worry about printing them.


I found out I don’t really like working in the larger scale.  I found I don’t really like seeing my strips that large because there’s nothing left to the imagination on the readers side (every line is magnified 10x and any mistakes are more obvious).  On my end, it takes longer to produce one of these things and I struggle with the line weight being too thick.  I can’t finesse my way though the artwork, everything is ham-handed and clunky.  And the software itself loses the ability of some key features that speed my process up.  Not to mention, it took several tries just to get the image uploaded.

For those who do work in that size, my hats off to you. As for me, no thanks.

I think I’ll just stick with the older 4 panel format, with the occasional 6 and 12 Sunday format.

Editors Note:

Ok, I was tired, perhaps I was ragey last night (or should I say this morning), and I just got finished watching the movie BFG (Big Friendly Giant) so I might not have been in my right mind when I posted this originally.  I will re-evaluate the format situation and figure out a happy medium.  Because… damn, today’s strip does look good on my iphone.

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