Welp, guess it’s time to say goodbye to old Flatt Bear…

For this year, anyway.

What? What did you think I was talking about? I couldn’t end this just yet. After all, we have a nice little cliffhanger here. What I meant to say was since next week is Christmas, I’ll be taking the week off. That way I can spend time with the family and regroup on many different levels. I might post up some “Best of the year” strips during the week to keep up with the posting schedule, but if I don’t, we’ll definitely reconvene January 3rd.

I have some great things in store for next year including a couple of great storylines. In fact, one in particular was a brilliant suggestion by my dear old dad himself. Plenty of other things on the horizon which I’ll talk about more next year.

Have a great Christmas and happy holidays!



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