Ahhh, I feels good to get behind the drawing board again.  What a ride it’s been the last few days.  Yikes.  Thanks to all the well-wishers.

I’m sure there are some of you may have forgotten what happened to Lucy and Amelia’s home, or maybe you joined us here at Flatt Bear after it happened.  For those folks, a reminder can be found right here. This might better explain what’s going on in the last frame of today’s comic.  And keep in mind, they are now roomies with our big spender bear.  That can be found right here.


In other news, a quick run-down of what’s to come:

Friday’s strip will close out our current story arc following Duffy and his spending shenanigans. This will put a bunch of thing into motion.

Next week I’ll just run some comic randomness in preparation for the week after which is reserved for guest strip week.  I have some great guest strips lined from some very talented and very generous artist buds.  In fact they are all so good I couldn’t choose which ones to run on my normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday update schedule, so I’ve decided to run a strip all five days including Saturday.

As for what’s next after that?  Glad you asked.  Some thing will be happening in Flatt Bear which have been a long time coming and is the final piece to align the back story (and front story) to where the strip should be from the beginning.  And, as an extra bonus, there’s rumors of a new character…  or two… or three coming soon.  Yep.  I think it’s time to expand our cozy little lineup of cast members to include more folks.

That’s all I’ll say about that for now, but I can hardly wait.  Some exciting times await us all.


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