Apparently, that’s a real thing.  Beaver gland.  They’re putting it in everything these days.  Who is “They?”

Some of you noticed a little change in the look of the comic on Friday.  I’ve been experimenting with the idea of going more digital than before.  Before I explain, let me run though my workflow:

I have to cut a 14 x 11″ piece of Bristol board in half to 14 x 5.5″.  I then take a template and layout the bounding box and lettering line on the board.  I’ll pencil the dialog in first, then pencil the characters in.  Once I hate the comic enough, I commit it to ink.  Then I scan the board (in two pieces because my scanner can’t take the whole 14″ wide artwork) and bring it into Photoshop.  There, I piece the two scanned images together, do some other magic to it before I’m able to color the comic.  Lots of steps, lots of room for error and unhappiness.

What I want to do now is do my lettering, inking,  and coloring digitally.  This way, I have better control over line weight and editing will be a little easier.  The result, hopefully, is a cleaner look, the lettering is more legible, and cut out some of those miserable time consuming steps in the process.  If I like (and you guys like) the results, I might continue this way possibly even going 100% digital with my pencil work going digial as well.  This is a struggle for me professionally.  I have always been a physical art kinda of guy who wants physical art to show at the end of the day.  But hey, this is the 21st century, why not embrace the tools it has given me.  It’s still my art and still my style.

Chime in and let me know how you like it.

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