Kill it!  Kill it with fire!


Oh yeah, on a side note…

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of the first Flatt Bear Strip.  It all started with a black and white badly drawn lead-in strip.  The rest is history… a long history.  I went through my archive to find the fist strip and I couldn’t believe how much material I’ve accumulated.  All those jokes and situations.  Where it started and where it is now.  I looked over how my drawing style has changed over the years, and I cringe at some of my earlier stuff.  It just blows my mind sometimes.

I only intended for this strip to run 2 years.  That was it.  I figured by then, I would have lost interest in what I was doing here or my readers would have lost interest and I’d just move on to something else. Chalk this up to fulfilling another bucket list item.  But here I am, three years later and still here.  Oh yeah, I have moments where I dread sitting in front of the computer because I literally have no idea what I’m going to write for the next day’s strip.  Panicked that I’m never going to be able to write another funny joke or situation or that I’m going to become predictable and boring. Guess it comes with the territory and it always seems to work out by the end of the evening.

So at the three year mark, I asked myself, do I want to keep going?  Is it worth it?  My answer seems to be  this, I guess as long as it keep flowing, the jokes and the humor and they stay fresh, I’ll keep doing this.  Until one day, years from now, I’ll ask that other question…


How did I get here?

Thank you dear readers and fans for helping to make this one hell of a ride.



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