Consider this a long overdue Memorial Day strip.  Because that’s how this actually got started and was meant to run to coincide with Memorial Day.  Kind of ran a little long.

I had a friend this weekend voice concern as to where this sad “dead dad” story line was going.  I admit, it’s a little darker than I had originally intended.  However, this story line was inspired by an actual similar situation that I was made aware of a few years back. It stuck with me and thought it would be appropriate to make this a part of both Amelia’s and Lucy’s history.  Hopefully today’s strip kind of explains things and brings the sadness level down a bit. I will be bringing this story to a close this week.  For reals this time.

Other announcements!

I would like to announce the winner of the “Carl’s Last Name” contest is G-Gauger.   Mike’s been a long time fan (was there from the very begining), and guessed Carl’s last name is Boidea.  Good job Mikey, and thanks.

Next contest: As one of Duffy’s past jobs, he was a part of a band.  What was the name of the band he was kicked out of?  Answer it, and there’s a sketch card in it for ya.

Also, next Monday,  I’ll be announcing another contest.  This one is going to take a while to do, so you’ll have til the end of the month to get the answer.  This one will be devious, mean, and will reacquire some sleuthing.  But the prize… oh the prize will be worth it.  Possibly an original strip of some sort?  Hmmmm?  You’ll earn it, though.





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