Everyone blames the unicorn.  Friday will wrap up this on going story arc  with typical Duffy fashion.

On a more serious, a friend and fellow comic strip artist Tim Green had his website hacked yesterday and was brought completely down.  Like wiped out completely out.  Tim’s comic Vinnie the Vampire has been an online staple for around three years now and in a blink of an eye, all his material is lost.  All because someone wanted to sell some nasty little pill.  There are people out there whose sole job and task is to destroy someone’s hard work just to gain notoriety or just to sell some lousy product that no one will buy anyway.  I mean, it’s not like these site are any huge commerce target, we’re just trying to create art and entertain people.  Same thing happened to Sony Pictures this week.  Only it appears they were a target of personal revenge from… ahem… some unknown strangers.

Guess my takeaway on this is we are all vulnerable.  No matter what our web site is serving up.  Backup your stuff and keep it safe.  Protect your stuff with passwords, anti-virus and anti-spam software/plugins.  And never give into the fear of the cyber-bully.


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