Libraries are overrated.

Some might recognize our grave-side book reader as Suzanne from the comic strip Don’t Pick the Flowers.  The artist, David Hurley allow her loan to Flatt Bear.  David did a fun little strip on Friday that fell perfect with my story line.  Check it out.

And speaking of checking it out…

I finished the sketch cards for the three lucky winners of the contest from last week.


In fact, here’s Kenny who received his sketch card this weekend.  What’s funny is Kenny happens to be a good friend of mine who live a few miles from me and I was able to hand him his card personally.  Not intentional, but funny how that worked out.  He sent me this picture with the words: “Dreams do come true.”  Well I’m glad I could be a part of filling your bucket list Kenny.

The other two folks will be getting their card soon.




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