So the results on last weeks experiment in changing the format was … mixed.  At first, I hated it.  But as I talked with people and had input, there were many who actually liked the larger images. My goal was to try to rid myself of the confines of traditional print-based comic strips and embrace the webomic.  ‘Cus lets face it, Flatt Bear is a webcomic and, even if I do decide to put Flatt Bear into a book, that shouldn’t be my main goal right this second.  Because it’s online, this comic is being viewed in a variety of uncontrolled formats from iphones all the way to tablets and computer screens.  All set to different resolutions.  So before I completely dismiss any findings and go back to the way things have always been done, I want to do a little more research.

I’ve decided to take this week and get the format thing sorted so I’m going to take a break this week and do that.  Plus there a few site thing that need attending to like reworking the cast page and such. Some of you have already weighed-in on  the subject, but if you want you voice to be heard on the subject, feel free to comment below.

But I still want to offer you some stuff this week, so here’s what I’m going to do:

A few months ago, I set out giving the Flatt Bear gang a new lodge.  One I could visualize better to write better storylines to.  And since I also like world building, that’s the art of building a detailed world, I decided to build a 3D scale model of the lodge.  Yep, scale model. I used a program called 3d Studio Max and put together a model of the lodge which includes exterior and interior details.  So over this next week (Monday through Friday by the way), I’m going to feature images from the lodge because… well… I’m a nerd and I love these things.

Today’s offerings, the lodge’s front view.

Come on back tomorrow to see more of the lodge.

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