There are two milestones that cartoonists mark time with.  One is the annual milestone – how many years the strip has been going.  The other is the century mark – how many hundreds we’ve done since it’s launch.  So in keeping with this second tradition, I’m celebrating my first century mark!

So to celebrate this landmark, Duff invited some fellow comic strip friends to the party.  These characters represent several categories, those ancients one who had inspired me from long ago to want to pursue this dream, those contemporaries who inspire me now with their art and wit, and those who inspire me through the awesome support that comes with the web comic community.  Keep in mind, this is just a small sampling of who they are those folks. Believe me, there are still many more who I wanted to include in this strip but couldn’t due to time and space restrictions, so be sure I’m not slighting anyone in the least.  You all are a special part of Flatt Bear, where it’s been and where it’s going.

You might also notice that there is one non-comic strip character creeping around the back, Mr. Tom Racine.  In addition to Tom being a comic strip freak, he was an old roommate of mine from my old San Diego days.  Him and I used to bounce ideas and concepts off each other and lament over why we weren’t syndicated yet.  Several year ago, I discovered  Tom’s pod cast, Tall Tale Radio, and that was instrumental in getting my ancient comic heart beating again.  My Diamondbacks hat is off to you sir (I tried to do your character justice.  At least I got the hat right).

In addition to those professionals mentioned (and not mentioned) above, a gigantic thanks has to go out to my wife and girls.  Thanks for putting up with my humor, my lengthy disappearances in the studio til all hours of the night, and for you guys providing me with enough material for Flatt Bear for hundreds of more strips.

Thanks again all!


I’ve included a key chart to help identify the shout-outs


1. Cedric – – Tony McGurk
2. Gus- Gorilla in the Midst  Chris Simonite 
3. Matt- Matt Against the World – Shannon Maguire/Andy Baird
4. Tom Racine – Tall Tale Radio/All around comic junkie
5. Clive- Casually Employed – Bill Murphy
6. Sunny- Vinnie the Vampire – Tim Green
7. Mike and Mindy- Jon’s Crazy Stuff – Jon Esparza
8. Picpak – Picpak Dog – Kim Belding
9-10. Calvin and Hobbes – Calvin and Hobbes – Bill Watterson
11. BB – Bully’s Bully – Courtney Huddleston/James Taylor
12. Wink the Bear – Big Top – Rob Harrell
13. Sherman – Sherman’s Lagoon – Jim Toomey
14. Bug – Bug Martini – Adam Huber
15. Opus – Bloom County – Berkeley Breathed
16. Oliver – Peanizles – Don Mathias
17. Snoopy – Peanuts – Charles “Sparky” Schulz
18. Suzanne – Don’t Pick the Flowers – David Hurley
19. Tilman – Take it from the Tinkerson’s – Bill Bettwy
20. Alice – Cul de Sac – Richard Thompson
21. Wacky Monkey – Wacky Monkeys Comic – Joseph Rodriquez
22. Bewley – Bewley – Ant Blades
23. Tucker – Pinkerton – Mike Witmer
24. Gil – Gil – Norm Feuti (Tragically this comic is offline, but check out his other stuff, Retail).
25. Arthur – Sheldon – Dave Kellett
26. Gor – Zombie Boy – Mark Stokes
27. Monroe – Bug Pudding – J.P. Keslensky
28 Edison – The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee – John Hambrock (‘cus iz in yurz palettes Anne, stealin yurz colorz)



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