Rarely, do I post real pics here on this site. After all, this is a comic strip. You come to gawk at a cartoon bear and his snake friend. Who wants to look a real life? However, I felt this was a good exception. This is a pic of the current state of my studio space. I have decided it was time to give it a nice over hall. Rearranging, declutter, and new desk…

Ahhh, the desk.

You see in this pic? You see the faint indentation in the carpeting? That’s the outline where my old desk used to sit. I have a new desk, but unfortunately it’s still currently under construction and sitting in my father’s garage. It’s a process that took me longer to do because I’m building it from scratch and is being designed to also house my recording equipment.

Anyway, this was a very drawn out process to tell you, no strip today. Hopefully, I’ll have most of my studio back to working order by Sunday night. After all, that’s when I watch the Mandalorian… or and draw Monday’s strip.

Oh…and it’s Friday the 13th, 2020… let that sink in a bit.

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