What could she have whispered in Amelia’s ear that changed her mind? And what’s left of what?

By the way, I gots me a new toy I bought an Surface Pro 3 tablet. I wanted one of these for a while not so much to replace the current method I use to create these comics, which is a Wacom Cintiq, but to be more mobile with my creation time. This way I can spend time with the family whilst I sketch out ideas and sometimes even create a whole comic. Today’s comic was drawn on the Surface to see if I could be done… I can.

By the by the way, I became aware there might be some question as to what age Amelia really is. I will be referring to her age coming up and I was wondering what other might perceive her as. So I took an exhaustive poll… ok, I just asked two people, as to what they thought Amelia’s age was.  I was surprise by the initial thoughts.  A little older than I intended. Their comments were the way she talked and her height portrayed her as older. Early to mid teens. So don’t be surprised if Amelia goes through a little age regression.

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