I am p.j. day, creator and artist behind Flatt Bear comic. I’ve been working as a graphic artist, technical illustrator, and freelance artist for close to 30 years. Currently, I am working for an aerospace company as a media specialist providing training material for jet aircraft pilots.  My love for cartooning started after finding a long-lost Peanuts compilation tucked in a corner of my 5th grade library. I spent years after drawing on anything that had room to draw on and dreaming of becoming a famous cartoonist. Although I didn’t find fame, my cartoons have been featured in variety of publications, posters, banners, custom greeting cards, and presentation material.

Now I’m putting my cartooning skills to good use through Flatt Bear;  an idea that took decades to come to light.  My comic influences and cartooning heroes, both past and present, are Berke Breathed (Bloom County) and Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbs), Richard Thompson (Cul de Sac), John Hambrock (Brilliant Mind), Dave Kellet (Sheldon), Norm Feuti (Gil, Retail), Micheal Jantze (The Norm), and Rob Harrell (Big Top).

I currently live in sunny Surprise Arizona with my wife, two daughters, three idiot cats, a dog, and a desert tortoise. When I’m not creating cartoons for the masses, I am creating music as a guitarist, drummer, singer, and recording engineer.