Yikers. What a cliffhanger…

So, here’s the deal:

This August marked the ten year anniversary of Flatt Bear. This means I’ve been doing this strip for ten years now. In fact, I Just finished my 1367 strip with this last update. That is a lot of nights huddled in front of a computer screen. I loved doing this strip all these years, love these characters I’ve created and the world they all live in.

Recently, I feel I have hit a creative wall with the strip, both writing and drawing.  Lately I’ve been cutting corners with the artwork and cheating on the writing and rushing through the art process to just get it done as quickly as possible.

So I’m going to take a bit of a break. Not a permanent one, but an extended one. I have several commission jobs that need my immediate attention and need to focus on getting those completed. Meanwhile, I’m going to assess where I need to take the strip next.  I’m not sure if that means taking in a different direction, changing format, or adjusting the update schedule to twice a week or even once a week. Maybe kill of a few characters.

I’m not saying this is the end. After ten years investment, if I was going to leave the strip permanently, I feel it would need a proper series finale. So, I’m going to leave this strip with a major cliffhanger in order to show you I plan on returning when my schedule is more clear.

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