Here’s all the stuff we’ve done since the beginning of time. If you want to see something specific, click on the link and it will take you there.


Oct 9Epilogue
Oct 6Crapfest
Oct 4Close To It
Oct 2Potty Mouth
Sep 29Exit, Stage Right… Even
Sep 27Mistaken Identity
Sep 25Into the Fray
Sep 22The Bees Knees
Sep 18Just a Word
Sep 13Yes
Sep 11Acka-Acka-Damia
Sep 6Crampus Tour
Sep 4White Knuckle
Sep 1Wrong Side of the Car
Aug 30Ten Years!!!!!
Aug 25Represent
Aug 23Best for Last
Aug 18Free Heart
Aug 16Large Benjamin
Aug 14It’s Hip to be Square
Aug 11Tour de Force
Aug 4Obstruction
Aug 2Tour Guide
Jul 31Best Friends
Jul 28With a Little Help From My Friend
Jul 26Just a City
Jul 17Taking the week off?
Jul 14Nest Stop
Jul 12The Easy Road
Jul 10A Place to Stay
Jul 7Well Rested
Jul 5Stuck in the Middle with Poo
Jul 3The Blame Game
Jun 23The Cheap Seats
Jun 21Carrying a Lot of Baggage
Jun 19X-Ray Marks the Spot
Jun 16Inside Track
Jun 14False Sense of Security
May 24Departure
May 22Left Behind
May 19Uber Nude
May 17Butterfly Effect
May 15Forget Me Not
May 12Club Crazy
May 10Voice of Reason
May 8Demands
May 5Ology
May 3Mad
Apr 28The Wrong Box
Apr 26A Bridge Too Far
Apr 24Junk Mail
Apr 21Awesome
Apr 19On the Down-low
Apr 17Anything
Apr 14In Convenience
Apr 12Head North
Apr 5Subtitle
Apr 3Help Desk
Mar 29Sloth Life
Mar 27Scavenger
Mar 24Spelunk
Mar 20Stop Me If You Heard This One Before
Mar 17Hover-cat
Mar 15YouTube Doesn’t Lie
Mar 13A Date to Remember
Mar 10The Mark of a Good Bear
Mar 8Goodnight Maul
Mar 6Doctor’s Orders
Mar 3It’s Off the Menu
Mar 1Head First
Feb 22Reluctant
Feb 20Normal
Feb 17Tea Time
Feb 15Hold Up
Feb 10Coy
Feb 6Good for Him
Feb 3Cookies Anyone?
Feb 1Clean Yourself Up
Jan 27Shriek
Jan 25Inside Out
Jan 20And He’s Still Single
Jan 18Love’s Sacrifice
Jan 16Realization
Jan 13Skern
Jan 11Volume
Jan 6Beastie
Jan 4Plan
Jan 2Mad Skills


Dec 12Silhouette
Dec 9Game Plan
Dec 7Fight Club
Dec 5Mixed Messages
Nov 30Keeping It Real
Nov 28Happy Birthday
Nov 23Beast Mode
Nov 21Kraken
Nov 16Everyone Loves Pies
Nov 14Secret to Success
Nov 9Unimportant
Nov 7Murmur, Mumble
Nov 4Fighting the Good Fight
Nov 2It’s Wizard
Oct 28Good Fortune
Oct 24It’s all Safe Now
Oct 19Dive, Dive, Dive
Oct 17Weather Bear
Oct 14Bubblehead
Oct 7Best Pals
Oct 5Take Five
Sep 30Strike Three
Sep 28Beddie-bye
Sep 26Mysterious Methods
Sep 21Benefits of Technology
Sep 19Jon’s Biggest Wish
Sep 16Aftermath
Sep 14Poof!
Sep 12Secrets of the Trade
Sep 9Don’t Blink
Sep 5Noble Cause
Sep 2Gandalf?
Aug 31Uber-funny
Aug 29Movie Quote
Aug 26The Offer
Aug 24Whispers
Aug 22The Cleaner
Aug 19Secret
Aug 15The B-team
Aug 12Rocky Road
Aug 10Help is Just Around the Corner
Aug 8Connections
Aug 5Dramatic
Aug 3We’ve Seen This Before
Jul 29Tasty Departure
Jul 27Welcome
Jul 22Icon
Jul 20Jokester
Jul 8Blob
Jul 6Room and Bored
Jul 4Dork of July – Revisit
Jul 1Treasures
Jun 29Nonsense
Jun 27Exposed
Jun 24Sophistibear
Jun 20We’re Having Fun
Jun 17Adventures of BB
Jun 13Signal
Jun 10Nature is Mean 3
Jun 8Nature is Mean 2
Jun 6Nature is Mean 1
Jun 3Abba-dabba-doo
Jun 1AGT
May 30Parallel
May 25Perfect
May 20Experience
May 18Bear Feet
May 16Cupcake
May 13Radar
May 11All in the Family
May 6Bon Apetit
May 2Wild Thing
Apr 29Enthusiasm
Apr 27A Good Read
Apr 25Snake Facts #1
Apr 22Bear Facts #3
Apr 20Bear Facts #2
Apr 15Bear Facts #1
Apr 13Safe-tree
Apr 11It’s Magic
Mar 21Break, Break
Mar 18Somebody’s Somebody
Mar 16Dream Psychology
Mar 14Still Wakey, Wakey
Mar 11Wakey, Wakey
Mar 9She Dun Did It!
Mar 7Beloved
Mar 4I Will, I Will
Mar 2Gasp
Feb 28The Universe is Calling
Feb 25Daddy Wisdom
Feb 23The Gift
Feb 18Convicted
Feb 16Booze Cruise
Feb 14Bait
Feb 11Breathe
Feb 9‘appy Place
Feb 7Threats
Feb 4Crowded
Feb 2Spa Day
Jan 28Backstory
Jan 26Mum
Jan 24Monologe
Jan 21Call to Arms
Jan 19I Suck at This
Jan 17One Long Sentence
Jan 14Farmhouse Dream
Jan 12More Important Stuff
Jan 10Next on the List
Jan 7Important
Jan 5Current Motto
Jan 3Master Plan


Dec 31Moving On
Dec 29Way Too Much Help
Dec 27It’s a Plan
Dec 24The Great Proposal
Dec 22Overpowered
Dec 17Moping
Dec 15It’s in the Past
Dec 13Why’s It Gotta Be So Complicated?
Dec 8Lucy’s in Love
Dec 6Up All Night
Dec 3Hallmark Moment
Nov 30Can’t Explain
Nov 26Let’s Take a Walk
Nov 22Check Please
Nov 19Pssssst… It’s Us
Nov 17Blending In
Nov 15Plan of Attack
Nov 12Better Choice
Nov 10Blind Panic
Nov 8Reboot
Nov 5Out of Her Mind
Nov 3Not Enough
Oct 29Breakin’ the Rule
Oct 27Concern
Oct 25Saucery
Oct 22Something Nice
Oct 20You Know Who
Oct 15Splurgan?
Oct 13Parting
Oct 11Gut Feeling
Oct 8Low-Key
Oct 6Foodie
Oct 1Open to Suggestions
Sep 29That Fourth Wall
Sep 27Laundry
Sep 24You Vetter You Vetter You Vet
Sep 22Sneaking Up Behind
Sep 20Helpful
Sep 17Whispers
Sep 15Only the Lonely
Sep 13Creeper Knows Creepin
Sep 10Peachie
Sep 8Force of Nature
Sep 6What’s in there?
Sep 3One Good Reason
Sep 1Arrested Development
Aug 30Good Clean Fun
Aug 27Splorp
Aug 25Escape
Aug 23In a Pinch
Aug 20Scandalous
Aug 18Lucy
Aug 16Alone
Aug 13Super Secret
Aug 11Lonely, not Lonely
Aug 9People Person
Aug 6Day Off
Aug 4Challenged
Aug 2Perfect Couple
Jul 30The Card Carrying Pro
Jul 28Make Me a Match
Jul 26Dating Game
Jul 23Flatt Bear Classic # 3
Jul 21Flatt Bear Classics #2
Jul 19Flatt Bear Classic #1
Jul 16A Better Way
Jul 12The Saying Goes
Jul 9Cute and Cuddly
Jul 7Games We Play
Jul 5Aftermath
Jul 2Deceit
Jun 30Photo Finish
Jun 25Perfection
Jun 23Heat
Jun 21Convenient
Jun 18Smart Purchase
Jun 16Laundry
Jun 14Caddy Shack
Jun 11Rec Room and Basement
Jun 10Rooms 7 and 8
Jun 9Room 5 and 6
Jun 8Rooms 3 and 4
Jun 7Rooms 1 and 2
Jun 5Second Floor Landing
Jun 4Kitchen
Jun 3The diner
Jun 2Reception
Jun 1The Main Room
May 31I know, it’s been a while…
Apr 19Break Time
Apr 16Epilogue
Apr 14The Experts
Apr 12Barrowed Punchline
Apr 9Walking Dead
Apr 7Surprises
Apr 5Band Goes On
Apr 2Ladies and Gentleman…
Mar 31Slick
Mar 29Crash
Mar 26Super Warm
Mar 24Super Chill
Mar 22One is the Loneliest…
Mar 19Life Saver
Mar 15Barn Door
Mar 12No Vacancy
Mar 10Time Machine
Mar 8Success
Mar 5Cats
Mar 3Run it by the Wife
Mar 1The quiet Life
Feb 26Let It Go
Feb 24Boom.
Feb 22Options
Feb 19Owning Up
Feb 17Flattened
Feb 15Be More Specific
Feb 12Man Crush
Feb 10Drawn to Tears
Feb 8Jackpot
Feb 5Out and In
Feb 3Dropping of the Names
Feb 1Past the Gatekeeper
Jan 29Woo Who
Jan 27Schedule Me
Jan 25Destiny.
Jan 22Hold!
Jan 20I’m Doin’ Well, Thanks
Jan 18MLK 2021
Jan 15Looking Up
Jan 13Nightmare
Jan 11Ready to Go
Jan 8Bags
Jan 6Bats
Jan 4Off Center


Dec 23Watch out! Christmas Time is Upon Us!
Dec 21What’s My Name?
Dec 18Oooo, That Smell
Dec 16Exuberant
Dec 14Existential
Dec 11Party!
Dec 9Side Job
Dec 7Musician Hunting
Dec 4The Case
Dec 2Next Level
Nov 30hypocritical
Nov 27Turkey Break
Nov 25Action Packed
Nov 23Sherpa Thing
Nov 20Again?
Nov 18Hinged
Nov 16Crazy Train
Nov 13What’s This Then?
Nov 11Veteran’s Day 2020
Nov 9On the Road Again
Nov 6And He’s Outta Here!
Nov 4Sensitive Type
Nov 2Super-Duper
Oct 30Music Critic
Oct 28Spiral
Oct 26Extra-large
Oct 23Generous
Oct 21Money Maker
Oct 19Break, break, break
Oct 16Rep·er·toire
Oct 14Sandy
Oct 12Qualified
Oct 9Reason Number 15
Oct 7Hot
Oct 5Break, break
Oct 2Fill the Screen
Sep 30Modern Age
Sep 28Aging Wisdom
Sep 25Experienced
Sep 23It’s a Witch
Sep 21Going to the Movies
Sep 18Terms of Endearment
Sep 16A Name’s a Name
Sep 14Livin’ His Best Life
Sep 11The Ancient Scribes
Sep 9Edibles
Sep 7Retro-Labor Day
Sep 4Tell Me ’bout the Good ol’ Days
Sep 2Music Buddies
Aug 31The Colors
Aug 24More Time Off?
Aug 21Burnin’ Ring of Fire
Aug 19Far Out Man
Aug 17Home-Body
Aug 14Mind-ful
Aug 12Insensitive Insensitivity
Aug 10Mindless
Aug 7Wuv… twoo wuv
Aug 5Work, Work, Work
Aug 3Moon Bear
Jul 31Moth-eaten
Jul 29A Whole Millennium
Jul 27Flush It
Jul 24Working Stiff
Jul 22Leave it All Beee-hind.
Jul 20Peril
Jul 13Summer Break 2020
Jul 10Home Sweet Home
Jul 8Sisterhood
Jul 6Ironic
Jul 3Sweet Advice
Jul 1Definitely
Jun 29Council
Jun 26Smeck
Jun 24You’re Just Making That Up
Jun 22We Just All Get Along
Jun 19Two fer One
Jun 17Try the Wine
Jun 15Mickey
Jun 12Are you doing that on porpoise?
Jun 10Snack Food
Jun 8Duck, Duck, Run!!!
Jun 5Open Flame
Jun 3Mr. Fluffy
Jun 1No Strip
May 29Prepwork
May 27Closet Help
May 25Memorial Day Throwback.
May 22Fiveshadowing, Maybe Threeshadowing
May 20We Are Go For Launch
May 18Snek Parenting
May 15Influence
May 13More Common Ground
May 11Many Thanks
May 8Common Ground
May 6Parenting Dictionary Volume 1
May 4Be Our Guest
May 1No
Apr 29Skinned
Apr 27The Silent Treatment
Apr 24Shrivel Up
Apr 22The Don’t Haves.
Apr 20Screech.
Apr 17Mr. Buttinski
Apr 15Good News!
Apr 13Just Hanging Out
Apr 10Two Words
Apr 8Fixture
Apr 6Backed into a Closet
Apr 3Cha-cha-chaaange.
Apr 1The Perfect Outfit
Mar 30Goodwill
Mar 27Travel
Mar 25Sophia
Mar 23Just a Word
Mar 20The Big Reveal
Mar 18Home Sweet Jacket
Mar 16Jacket
Mar 13Welcome to Tatooine
Mar 11Incentive
Mar 9Here’s a Tip, Pt. 2
Mar 6Ring of Fire
Mar 4It’s a Sign
Mar 2Here’s a Tip
Feb 28Getting to Know You
Feb 26Autumn, Part Too.
Feb 24First Name, Please
Feb 21Perception
Feb 19Gas Giant
Feb 17The Influencer
Feb 14A Punch in the Arm
Feb 12Middle-aged
Feb 10Three Little Words
Feb 7The Sad Card
Feb 5Clear the Riff-Raff
Feb 3What cha’ Got Behind Your Back?
Jan 31Oh, Carp
Jan 29That Certain Someone
Jan 27Father Knows Best
Jan 24Vast Knowledge
Jan 22Dine and Dash
Jan 20Leave Them Be
Jan 17Eavesdropping
Jan 15The Hole Plot
Jan 13The Sighs Have It
Jan 10Sad Bakedgoods
Jan 8A Rock
Jan 6The Birthday Wish
Jan 3Last one. Promise.
Jan 1Winter Reruns – Even Though it’s January


Dec 30Winter Reruns – 12 13 2013
Dec 27Winter Reruns –
Dec 25Winter Reruns – Christmas Time!
Dec 23Winter Reruns – 07 14 2014
Dec 20Winter Reruns – 12 04 2015
Dec 18Winter Reruns – 11-13 2015
Dec 16Birthday Present
Dec 13All Is Right with the World
Dec 11That Voodoo That Youdoo
Dec 9Water-Works
Dec 6What’s in the Bag, Bear?
Dec 4Blocked View
Dec 2Unfinished Symphony
Nov 29Behind Door Number One
Nov 27Joker
Nov 25That’s Why We Watch.
Nov 22Sweet Talker
Nov 20Just Making Sure
Nov 18A Word With You
Nov 15No Strip Friday.
Nov 13Yoos Gies
Nov 11Hidden
Nov 8Sorrowful Jones
Nov 6Sound of Music
Nov 4Bribery
Nov 1Convince Me Pt. 2
Oct 30Convince Me Pt. 1
Oct 28Freebies
Oct 25Just Bakin’
Oct 23Lift the Spirit
Oct 21Going Down
Oct 18Slippity, Slip Slip
Oct 16Walking Cliche’
Oct 14Take Note
Oct 11Batteries Not Included
Oct 9Topple
Oct 7Underwhelmed
Oct 4To Arms
Oct 2Look
Sep 30On Strike!
Sep 27FTW!
Sep 25Monkeys… Unite!
Sep 23Demands
Sep 20A View from Below
Sep 18That Fourth Wall
Sep 16All The… Small Things.
Sep 13That’s What He Said
Sep 11Guess Who
Sep 9How Long Have You Been There?
Sep 6I, Me, Mine
Sep 4Experience
Sep 2Crossed Lines
Aug 30Convince Me
Aug 28Tough Guy
Aug 26Duff’s the Word
Aug 23Periodical
Aug 21There’s the Door… Man
Aug 19Outta My Box
Aug 16Loiter
Aug 14You Have My Attention
Aug 12That’s an…. idea.
Aug 9Sawdust and Spackle
Aug 7Gaaah!
Aug 5Lurkin’
Aug 2Too Much
Jul 31Grown-ups
Jul 29Then No
Jul 26Kyle, No!
Jul 24Nothing More Than Feelings.
Jul 22Card Game
Jul 19Can You Hear Me?
Jul 17Roughing It.
Jul 8Takin’ it Off.
Jul 5Specific
Jul 3Screeeeeeeee!
Jul 1To Infinity… and Beyond!
Jun 28Going Green
Jun 26Nothing Over Something
Jun 24Side of Pox
Jun 21Style
Jun 19Example
Jun 17Progress
Jun 14To the Rescue
Jun 12Help, I Need Somebody…
Jun 10Nowhere Girl
Jun 7Repentance
Jun 5Rubbish
Jun 3Stop
May 31Flight
May 29Over the Edge
May 27The Fix
May 24Inagodadavida
May 22Dandy
May 20One in the Bush
May 17Lost and Found
May 15Outta Sight
May 13Full Moon
May 10Spirit Call!
May 8Coconuts
May 6Passive
May 3Brave!
May 1Piggyback Rider
Apr 29Bully
Apr 26That’s Snooze to Me
Apr 24Emphasize
Apr 22The Otherside
Apr 19Take It to the Next Level
Apr 17It Burns, It Freezes
Apr 15Physician, Heal Thyself
Apr 12We’re All Fine Here
Apr 10You Never Saw Anything
Apr 8Turn Around Bright Eyes
Apr 5Storm’s a Brewin’
Apr 3Close Enough
Apr 1Close Enough
Mar 29Let My Muscles Do The Talking
Mar 27Aspire
Mar 25Just Peachie
Mar 22Feel the Burn
Mar 20Memo
Mar 18Dream Job
Mar 15The In Crowd
Mar 13Misunderstanding
Mar 11Fear
Mar 8Focus
Mar 6Wish List
Mar 4Captain Obvious
Mar 1They Still Make Them?
Feb 27No Strip Wednesday
Feb 25Pep Talk
Feb 22Bedazzled
Feb 20Namesake
Feb 18Space Time Continuum
Feb 15Kinda Sketch
Feb 13Obsessed.
Feb 11Enchantress
Feb 8Endless
Feb 5Platitudes with Attitudes
Feb 4National Day of Mourning
Feb 1Spirit
Jan 30Idea, Man
Jan 28Amazing
Jan 25Charmed, I’m Sure
Jan 23Boof!
Jan 21Send Me In
Jan 18Hush
Jan 16Losin’ It
Jan 14Go-Fer It
Jan 11Boxed
Jan 9Engage
Jan 7Routine
Jan 4Holiday Break – Inside Out
Jan 2Holiday Break – New Years


Dec 31Christmas Break – Snow Blind
Dec 28Christmas Break – Episode 12
Dec 26Christmas Break – Episode 11
Dec 24Christmas Break – Episode 10
Dec 21Christmas Break – Episode 9
Dec 19Christmas Break – Episode 8
Dec 17Christmas Break – Episode 7
Dec 14Christmas Break – Episode 6
Dec 12Christmas Break – Episode 5
Dec 10Christmas Break – Episode 4
Dec 7Christmas Break – Episode 3
Dec 5Christmas Break – Episode 2
Dec 3Christmas Break – Episode 1
Nov 30Missing
Nov 28That Smarts
Nov 26In Through the Out Door
Nov 23Smokin’
Nov 21Their Back, There Back, They’re Back
Nov 19Blastoff!
Nov 16Are You Sure?
Nov 14Hammer Time
Nov 12Stick Around
Nov 9And More Adjustments
Nov 7More Adjustments
Nov 5Adjustments
Nov 2Zooooot!
Oct 31Thirsty
Oct 29Rrrrrrroadmap!
Oct 26Genie
Oct 24Assist
Oct 22Newsie
Oct 19Unimpressed
Oct 17Welcome Back
Oct 15Takin Care of Business
Oct 12Distracted
Oct 10Lost
Oct 8Awkward
Oct 5It Was A Very Good Year
Oct 3Casual Fridays
Oct 1Clean Sweep
Sep 28Warehouse
Sep 26Who?
Sep 24Knock Off
Sep 21On the Other Side
Sep 19It’s Complicated
Sep 17Locked
Sep 14Doop
Sep 12It’s Just Things
Sep 10Fragile’
Sep 7High Five
Sep 5Flower-Power
Sep 3You Put the Labor in Labor Day
Aug 31Give ’em a Hand
Aug 29Rabbit Hole
Aug 27Progression
Aug 24Seal of Disapproval
Aug 22Mother of Invention
Aug 20Malfunction
Aug 17New and Improved
Aug 15He’s Back
Aug 13Line-up
Aug 10Standing Room Only
Aug 8Hear Her Roar
Aug 6She’s Bad
Aug 3Twang!
Aug 1Hard Knock Life
Jul 30Seal the Deal
Jul 23Cliffhanger
Jul 20Looking Strange
Jul 18Fire Storm
Jul 16Big Bang Theory
Jul 13You are Trippin’
Jul 11Under Wraps
Jul 9Report
Jul 6The Touch
Jul 4The Low-down
Jul 2Hypo-thesis
Jun 29Did Not Disapoint
Jun 27Hookah
Jun 25Unicorns and Rainbows
Jun 22Zap!
Jun 20Flailing
Jun 18Right To Bear Arms
Jun 15Effect of Affect
Jun 13Shall We Continuum?
Jun 11Perfect Use of Technology
Jun 8Hold Up There
Jun 6Bored
Jun 41923
Jun 1Residue
May 30Keen
May 28Hard Knocks
May 25Make it Rain
May 23Rocket Bear
May 21Hunger Games
May 18Quality
May 16Yard Sale
May 14Bleach-blonde
May 11Epidemic
May 9Work of Art
May 7Helping Hand
May 4Dance Magic Dance
May 2Still Nothing
Apr 30Throwback Monday?
Apr 27Mind Blown
Apr 25No Problem
Apr 23Water Humour
Apr 20Cover Me
Apr 18Flammable Fun
Apr 16To the Ground
Apr 13A LIttle Off the Top
Apr 11This Little Light of Mine
Apr 9Oooo, That Smell
Apr 6Chimp at Half the Price
Apr 4Statue of Limitations
Apr 2Left
Mar 30Boss Lady
Mar 28Partners
Mar 26Skint
Mar 23Changed
Mar 21You Better Think
Mar 19Stay
Mar 16Clownie clown clown
Mar 14Fall
Mar 12New Site
Mar 9Evie’s Story Pt.2
Mar 7Evie’s Story Pt.1
Mar 5Gifts From Abroad
Mar 2Lucy’s Story Pt.4
Feb 28Lucy’s Story Pt.3
Feb 26Lucy’s Story Pt.2
Feb 23Lucy’s Story Pt.1
Feb 21Story Derailed
Feb 19Calvin’s Story Pt.3
Feb 16Calvin’s Story Pt.2
Feb 14Calvin’s Story Pt.1
Feb 12Edna’s Story Pt.3
Feb 9Alone again… naturally
Feb 7Edna’s Story – Pt.2
Feb 5Edna’s Story – Pt.1
Feb 2Reminder
Jan 31Interest
Jan 29Different
Jan 26Disarm
Jan 24Blinded by the Light
Jan 22Mixup
Jan 19Just Jack!
Jan 17Obstacle
Jan 15Plague
Jan 12Whispers
Jan 10T.A.
Jan 8Like Looking Into a Mirror
Jan 5Evie
Jan 3Crazy Train
Jan 1Welcome 2018… Now Don’t Kill Us


Dec 22One Job
Dec 20Dance the Night Away
Dec 18Technically Technical
Dec 15Eye Can’t See The Puns
Dec 13Close But No Bedpan
Dec 11Not This Old Thing Again.
Dec 8Fall of the Wild
Dec 6Dump
Dec 4Tradition
Dec 1Please Comment
Nov 291969
Nov 27Into the Past
Nov 24Thanksgiving 2017
Nov 22Passive-Agressive
Nov 20Protection
Nov 17Always
Nov 15Can’t Manage
Nov 13Crow
Nov 10Spy-stuff
Nov 8Empty
Nov 6Cross
Nov 3Double-Down
Nov 1Great Moments
Oct 30Success!
Oct 27Delagate
Oct 25It’ll be Fine
Oct 23Addressing-down
Oct 20Blobs and Chunks
Oct 18The Biggies
Oct 16Nick-lame
Oct 13Jobs Program
Oct 11Breakroom
Oct 9Buzz Words
Oct 6You Do You
Oct 4Filling
Oct 2Find Me Somebody to Love
Sep 29Let Me Take You Down…
Sep 27c’est Something
Sep 25Pop-Tartans
Sep 22New Shoes
Sep 20Silent Question
Sep 18Lady Be a Luck Tonight
Sep 15Speechless
Sep 13The Naked Truth
Sep 11Future
Sep 8Bridge Over the River Why
Sep 6James Bland
Sep 4Friction
Sep 1Greetings
Aug 30Slouchy
Aug 28Whale of a Veil
Aug 25The Truth
Aug 23Important Question
Aug 21If You Belize
Aug 18Your Inkle is leaking
Aug 16Reason
Aug 14Welcome
Aug 11Spoiled
Aug 9And the Puns Have It
Aug 7Leftovers
Aug 4Complaint Department
Aug 2He’s Got Lots of Argyle
Jul 31In the Name of…
Jul 28In His Backyard
Jul 26Hate Mail
Jul 24Red House
Jul 21The Non-moving Type
Jul 19Time
Jul 17They’re Coming In
Jul 14Stand Your Ground
Jul 12Dazzle Razzle
Jul 10End of the Trail
Jul 7Short on Advice
Jul 54th Hangover
Jul 3Minty
Jun 30Civil Unrest
Jun 28Non-Conformist
Jun 26One Track Mind
Jun 23On the Rails
Jun 21Boxcar Willie
Jun 19Walking the Rat
Jun 16Bear in a China Shop
Jun 14The Eyes Had It
Jun 12All Play Makes Duff a Dull Boy
Jun 9Lying in the Wardrobe
Jun 7Silence of the Hams
Jun 5Snugly
Jun 2Fresh Baked
May 31WIFI
May 29Cozy Room with a View
May 26Hobo Buddy
May 24Jive Talking
May 22Check Please
May 19What’s Behind the Curtain pt. 3
May 17What’s Behind the Curtain Pt. 2
May 15What’s Behind the Curtain
May 12Frodo-yo
May 10Slip of the Script
May 8Shrimpless
May 5Heartbreak
May 3PB&Hey
May 1Dancing Queen
Apr 28Tasty Complainer
Apr 26Aye, Aye, Aye
Apr 24Expressive Pants
Apr 21The Lodge pt.5
Apr 20The Lodge Pt.4
Apr 19The Lodge Pt.3
Apr 18The Lodge Pt.2
Apr 17The Lodge Pt. 1
Apr 14Never Again
Apr 12Precariously
Apr 10Noble
Apr 7Epilogue
Apr 5Profile
Apr 3Funded
Mar 31Nice Catch
Mar 29News
Mar 27Delivered
Mar 24Your Next Phone
Mar 22One Fancy Pig
Mar 20Headache
Mar 17Tap Dance
Mar 15Sting
Mar 13Lurkin’
Mar 10Fine
Mar 8News from “The Man”
Mar 6Logic
Mar 3Track Star
Mar 1Breakable
Feb 27Us and Them
Feb 24Take Care
Feb 22Scary Starey
Feb 20Mysterious Ways
Feb 17Stark Raving Reptile
Feb 15Menacingly
Feb 13Disposable Outcome
Feb 10Paul Says
Feb 8In The Woods
Feb 6It’s NOT UFOs
Feb 3Expectations
Feb 1Just Beehive Now
Jan 30Snail Vine
Jan 27Security My Assets
Jan 25Don’t Fence Me In
Jan 23Signs, Signs, Everywhere… Signs
Jan 20Fancy Dressing
Jan 18Yaba Daba Noo
Jan 16MLK Day 2017
Jan 13I Got This Covered
Jan 11The Big House
Jan 9Just What We Needed
Jan 6The Boys Are Back in Town
Jan 4Total Loss
Jan 2Same as the Old Boss


Dec 30Christmas Break 3
Dec 28Christmas Break 2
Dec 26Christmas Break
Dec 23Well, He Wasn’t Wrong
Dec 21Pending
Dec 19Wrong Version
Dec 16PKOOO!
Dec 14One Big Crappy
Dec 12Wandering Spirit
Dec 9Darn the Luck
Dec 7Stuff
Dec 5The Road Most Traveled
Dec 2Sure-Fire
Nov 30Just Hold It
Nov 28Owl Be There
Nov 25Thanksgiving 2016… or 2013.
Nov 23Very Specific
Nov 21Keep it in Perspective
Nov 18Knock it off Dr. Phil
Nov 16Munchy-Crunchy
Nov 14Humming the Words
Nov 11Veteran’s Day – 2016
Nov 9Kid-World Stuff
Nov 7Allow Me To Be Helpful
Nov 4Inspiration
Nov 2Way-Back Wednesday 2
Oct 31Halloween-ie
Oct 28Make a Wish
Oct 26Way-back Wednesday
Oct 24Hidden Treasures
Oct 21Well, Fancy Meeting You Here
Oct 19For Sale
Oct 17Better Than This
Oct 14Get Your Act Together Paul
Oct 12A Chip Off the Ol’ Iceberg
Oct 10Let’s be Serious
Oct 7Wait, What?
Oct 5Solid Family Ties
Oct 3Let’s Be Sensitive
Sep 30Nuts!
Sep 28Blazin’
Sep 26What’s in a Name?
Sep 23I Don’t Wanna Work
Sep 21Fail Mix
Sep 19You Smite Be Crazy
Sep 16Come On Out
Sep 14It’s a Plan
Sep 12Maybe
Sep 9Curious
Sep 7Green
Sep 5Chocolate Chimp
Sep 2Found
Aug 31Not Punny at All
Aug 29Have a Fling
Aug 26Speelunk!
Aug 24It’s an Institution
Aug 22Pluck
Aug 19Way to Get Ahead
Aug 17Trap Shot
Aug 15Well, That’s Deep.
Aug 12Rut-Roh
Aug 10Shrub Snooping
Aug 8Mishap
Aug 5Doy
Aug 3Inspiring
Aug 1Reality
Jul 29Give Me A Snack Break
Jul 27Talk It Over
Jul 25Sounds Fun
Jul 22Good Night
Jul 20With A Song In His Heart
Jul 18Grail Hunt
Jul 15All Shot to …
Jul 13Ridiculous…ness…less…es
Jul 11Je Ne Sais What?
Jul 8Pretty Cooooool
Jul 6Ga Gah Gha Ga
Jul 4Time Feeds All Heals
Jul 1Poking Around
Jun 29Aimless
Jun 27Shrubs
Jun 24Soothing
Jun 22Upside Down
Jun 20Better than a card
Jun 17Botox in Sox
Jun 15Fit Bit to Be Tied
Jun 13Feeling Peckish
Jun 6Gone Fishing
Jun 3I Sia Over There
Jun 1Junk in the Trunk
May 30Epilouge
May 27It’s All Good
May 25Technicality
May 23Kaaaaaaaa…n
May 20Ain’t No Way to Hide Those Angry Eyes
May 18There’s Always That One Guy
May 16Nope
May 13It’s a Gift
May 11Lost and Found
May 9See Ya Carl
May 6Return
May 4Union Buster
May 2Just a Fling
Apr 29Chimp-ancy That!
Apr 27Bad News, Worse News
Apr 25Spittin’ Image
Apr 22Dark Shadows
Apr 20Don’t Put Yer Big Foot in Yer Mouth
Apr 18Live Long and Perspire
Apr 15Are you Sicily?
Apr 13Arc De Trampoline
Apr 11Watch Your Asp
Apr 8Special of the Day
Apr 6Chakra-awe
Apr 4Search Me
Apr 1Yelling Eyes
Mar 30Tracking Chips-Ahoy!
Mar 28Birthday Gift to me.
Mar 25For Sciencey
Mar 23It’s All In The Name
Mar 21One Good Eye
Mar 18Erin Go-Back
Mar 16Hope You Have the Time of Your Life
Mar 14Nowhere Man
Mar 11Facial
Mar 9Nature… Pfffff – Take 2
Mar 7Nature…Pffff.
Mar 4That’s a Wrap
Mar 2Lurker
Feb 29A Symbol of My Love
Feb 26Toasty Wet
Feb 24Suspense is Killing Ya, Isn’t It?
Feb 22Alone
Feb 19Fools Rush In
Feb 17More Than Two Types
Feb 15Presidenty’s Day
Feb 12Negative Nelly
Feb 10You Can Call Me Alkaline.
Feb 8Uncle Owen, This One Has a Bad Motivator
Feb 5Da Noive
Feb 3The Heat is On
Feb 1Polar Plunger
Jan 29Duff’s Jobs Pt. 5
Jan 28Duff’s Jobs Pt. 4
Jan 27Duff’s Jobs Pt. 3
Jan 26Duff’s Jobs Pt. 2
Jan 25Duffy’s Jobs Pt. 1
Jan 22Throwback Week Pt. 5
Jan 21Throwback Week Pt. 4
Jan 20Throwback Week Pt. 3
Jan 19Throwback Week Pt. 2
Jan 18Throwback Week Pt. 1
Jan 15Down and out.
Jan 13Say That Again?
Jan 11Two For the Price of None
Jan 8Shrieky-Clean
Jan 6En-crusted
Jan 4Piece-ful


Dec 28Ringer
Dec 25Merry Christmas 2015
Dec 24It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Chaos
Dec 23Necessity is the Mother of all Crimes
Dec 22That’ll Buff Right Out
Dec 21Vintage
Dec 18The Whole Package
Dec 16Holiday Snear
Dec 15Famous Last Words
Dec 14Technical Difficulties
Dec 11Everywhere
Dec 9Friendly Holiday Competion
Dec 7Purpose
Dec 4Snow-Bind
Dec 2Art Imitates Art
Nov 30Pre-pre-pre
Nov 27Leftovers
Nov 25Misheard
Nov 23Leaf Me Alone
Nov 20Fur Happens
Nov 18Armed and Rabid
Nov 16Jimmy-jam
Nov 13Fallin’ for Fall
Nov 11Veteran’s Day 2015
Nov 9Secret Ingredient
Nov 6Nature on Nature
Nov 4Giddyup!
Nov 2Nod Nod Nod
Oct 30Dossier
Oct 28Let’s Just Paws a Minute
Oct 26No Need for Netflix
Oct 23Rrrrriiiip
Oct 21I’m Rubber, You’re Glue
Oct 19Everyone Knows?
Oct 16We Interrupt This Program…
Oct 14Paper Chase
Oct 12Overreaction
Oct 9Grouchy Socks
Oct 7Crafty Fun
Oct 5Voy-La!
Oct 2Gaaaaahhhh!
Sep 30Gone with the Wind
Sep 28Flashback Frame
Sep 25Powers of Observation
Sep 23This Blows
Sep 21Agent of…
Sep 18Artful Eye
Sep 16Second-hand Narrator
Sep 14Kinda Wordy
Sep 11Traveling Ugly Hat
Sep 9300
Sep 7Laboring Away
Sep 4For Science!
Sep 2Photo-Bummed
Aug 31Pity Puppy
Aug 28Missed Opportunity
Aug 26Bad Translation
Aug 24Biting Truth
Aug 21Fist Full
Aug 19Tasty Dish
Aug 17Pair A What?
Aug 14Motionless
Aug 12Memory Full
Aug 10Superest
Aug 7Oh, Not the Lip Thing
Aug 5Tact-D
Aug 3Oooooh
Jul 31Guest – Travis Blair
Jul 30Guest – Rich Lauzon
Jul 29Guest – Michael Corley
Jul 28Guest – Jason Platt
Jul 27Guest – Courtney Huddleston
Jul 24Guest – Tony McGurk
Jul 23Guest – JP Keslensky
Jul 22Guest – Autumn Seybert
Jul 21Guest – Jon Esparza
Jul 20Guest – John Sutton
Jul 17The Edge of the Cliff
Jul 15Non-Goth
Jul 13Promise Me
Jul 10Super Dang
Jul 8Made
Jul 6The Book Club
Jul 3Sitting and Reading
Jul 1Sticks and Stones
Jun 29Pokem with a Stick
Jun 26Showoff
Jun 24On Wounded Pond
Jun 22Scratchy Ball
Jun 19Quackity Quack
Jun 17Peeping Bear
Jun 15Mine shaft Mayhem
Jun 12Skulk and Sulk
Jun 10Handle-bear Mustache
Jun 8Noisy
Jun 5So Proud
Jun 3There What Is?
Jun 1Deadly Mission
May 29Furry Freak
May 27A Clear Mission
May 25Sa’mich
May 22Covert Trash
May 20Super-secret Bearman Disguise
May 18Mr. Buttinsky
May 15Technological Misadventures
May 13Cause and Affect
May 11Order Me a Side of Bribe
May 8Throwing a FitBit
May 6Feeling Un-FitBit
May 4Fitbit To Be Tied
May 1Shish-ka-bye-bye
Apr 29Waterblading
Apr 27Krill and Sushi
Apr 24Knee Deep in Obvious
Apr 22Rickshaws and Spiderman
Apr 20Sssslinky
Apr 17Snake!
Apr 15Oh Pooh!
Apr 13He Stays
Apr 10Feety Mushrooms
Apr 8Lame Game
Apr 6My Aching Unicorns
Apr 3Agent Errr…
Apr 1Classy Joint
Mar 30Gone With The Wind
Mar 27Bag ‘o Berries
Mar 25Indoor Nature
Mar 23Deodorant Doused Dufus
Mar 20Fresh and Rugged
Mar 18Jerkface
Mar 16‘sup?
Mar 13House Recon
Mar 11Incognito
Mar 9Window Talk
Mar 6Yulp!
Mar 4What’s in a Name?
Mar 2National What Day?
Feb 27Feet of Jelly
Feb 25He Doth Protest
Feb 23Captain Obvious
Feb 20Replacement
Feb 18Icarus
Feb 16Footware
Feb 13Identity Theft
Feb 11Believable
Feb 9Planet of the Traipse
Feb 6Don’t Look Back
Feb 4Big Steaming Pile of Advice
Feb 2Deluxe
Jan 30Poppycock
Jan 28Perfect Casting
Jan 26Vintage Travel
Jan 23Between a Dog and a Hardplace
Jan 20I’ll Take Bear Clues for 200
Jan 19Her Majesty’s a Pretty Nice Girl…
Jan 16What’s a Little Salve Between Friends?
Jan 14Don’t Be A Rhinoceros
Jan 12Fish Stories
Jan 9Like It Never Happened
Jan 7Duffy Buffoonery
Jan 5You Can Feel His Disease.


Dec 29Down-time
Dec 26Christmas Time is Here Again
Dec 24Poker-face
Dec 22Take the High Branch
Dec 19Crushed Spirit of Christmas
Dec 17You Got That Christmas Feeling?
Dec 15Those Beautiful Lights
Dec 12Ain’t Life Grand?
Dec 10Sure, Blame the Unicorn
Dec 8That’s What She Zed
Dec 5Mars is for Bears
Dec 3Traveling Bear
Dec 1What the Heckler
Nov 28Invited Guests
Nov 26Goin’ Gaga
Nov 24down and Out
Nov 21Incoming
Nov 19Wall of Sound
Nov 17Dive! Dive! Dive!
Nov 14Kahuna
Nov 12Choo-choo-coo-coo
Nov 10Wind Breaker
Nov 7Dogonit, People Like Me
Nov 5It’s a Gassss
Nov 3Hard-Hitting
Oct 31Do You Wanna Build a Lawsuit?
Oct 29What’s Up Flabby?
Oct 27Dun In
Oct 24Think of the Napkins
Oct 22Crushin’
Oct 20News Castoff
Oct 17What Up Foo?
Oct 15600 Pounds
Oct 13Sign This, Sign That
Oct 10Fashion Has A Face
Oct 8Sans-a-pants
Oct 6Yogi-Paddington-Fozzie-Poo
Oct 3Convinced Much?
Oct 1Sign of the Time
Sep 29Time Warp
Sep 26Stand Up
Sep 24Grumpy Grumperson
Sep 22Not A Fan
Sep 19Look Lucy, No Hands
Sep 17Moola, Moola
Sep 15Shore Enough
Sep 12What’s Behind Door Number 3?
Sep 10Handshake and a Smile
Sep 8Same Book, Wrong Page
Sep 5Speaketh the Truth
Sep 3The Power of Cookies
Sep 1Every Man For Himself
Aug 29Ice Bucket Challenge
Aug 27Have a Seat Sadsack
Aug 25Happy First!
Aug 22Home
Aug 20Up To Your What?
Aug 18That’s the Chap
Aug 15Hit The Road
Aug 13Whistle Stop
Aug 11A Horse With No Name
Aug 8Mayor of Dunderville
Aug 6Far Removed
Aug 4Obvious
Aug 1Groovy Grouchy
Jul 30Yaaarg!
Jul 28Pain, Pain, Go Away
Jul 25Surf, Sand, and This…
Jul 23Come Sale Away
Jul 21Flatt Bear Millions – Courtney Huddleston
Jul 18The New Job – Mark Stokes
Jul 17Up And Away – Jon Esparza
Jul 16Makeover – David Hurley
Jul 15So Dainty – Bill Murphy
Jul 14Technicality – John Sutton
Jul 11U B Trippin’
Jul 9Trend Setting
Jul 7Freezer Burn
Jul 4The Dork of July
Jul 2Priorities
Jun 30Under the Watchful Eye?
Jun 27Televised Shame
Jun 25Vintage Felony
Jun 23Reachable Bear
Jun 20Flight Of The Suit
Jun 18Carry On My Wayward Sun
Jun 16Chewy
Jun 13Art Class
Jun 11That’s Super… Man
Jun 9He’s What?
Jun 6Where There’s a Will
Jun 4Proof Is In The Pockets
Jun 2Good Invesment
May 30Thar Be Bears Here…
May 28I Was Bound to Happen
May 26Memorial Day 2014
May 23Burrito Slippers and Taco Pants
May 21Snake Oil
May 19Tasteless
May 16Square Zed
May 14Simple Bear
May 12Ripoff
May 9Anger Bear
May 7Where The Blue Water Runs
May 5Best Place Evah!
May 2Gatorface
Apr 30Box ‘O Bucks
Apr 28$40,000,000 Bear
Apr 25Pay What?
Apr 23Keep It Under Your Radar
Apr 21To Jab A Stick At
Apr 18Pushy Bush
Apr 16Unsolicited
Apr 14Welcome To The First Century
Apr 11Turning Over a New Leaf
Apr 9Expired Patience
Apr 7Planty Ways
Apr 4The Bum of Reality
Apr 2Have You Hugged Your Shrub Today?
Mar 31That’s Not Weird
Mar 28Okey-Dokey
Mar 26I Like Blinking
Mar 24Ant Farm
Mar 21Who Likes Monkeys?
Mar 19Comfort Filth
Mar 17You Can’t Hide Those Judgey Eyes
Mar 14Home Wreckage
Mar 12Bare Necessities
Mar 10Boxed and Tagged
Mar 7Our Hero
Mar 5Game, Set, Match
Mar 3Steaming Bowl of Lactose
Feb 28I Think It’s Going Around
Feb 26Once Upon a Dork
Feb 24Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life
Feb 21Dinner Bell, Fire Bell
Feb 19The Nose Knows
Feb 17Patooo!
Feb 14Be Mine
Feb 12Stay Out Of The Light, Sheldon
Feb 10What Could Go Wrong
Feb 7Cryptic Harry
Feb 5Useful Stuff
Feb 3Les Blob
Jan 31Stark Raving Bear
Jan 29Curse of the Cutie-patootie
Jan 27Bear’s Are From Mars
Jan 24Bookow!
Jan 22Foodie Senses Tingling
Jan 20Perfect Fit
Jan 17Rock Off
Jan 15Keys To Success
Jan 13Yoinks
Jan 10Tasty References
Jan 8Skill Set
Jan 6Searing Regret
Jan 3Abandon Strip
Jan 1Happy New-Bear


Dec 30Social Bear
Dec 27Slam Dunk
Dec 25First Christmas
Dec 23Lazy Tree
Dec 20Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Dec 18Learning Curve
Dec 16Good News
Dec 13Mr. Soggy Breeches
Dec 11Snowpants
Dec 9Snow Bound
Dec 6Gadzzzzooks
Dec 4Redefined
Dec 2The Same But Different
Nov 29That Awkward Moment When…
Nov 27Festive Pants
Nov 25Hashtag Gripe
Nov 22Chapped Leaves
Nov 20Off-Color
Nov 18A Classy Comic
Nov 15Comfy, Cozy, Happy
Nov 13Who You Calling Silly?
Nov 11Rain of Amelia
Nov 8My My Yours
Nov 6Turn Down The Shatner
Nov 4Best Day Ever
Nov 1Hallow-When?
Oct 30Comfort Zone
Oct 28Bad Reputation
Oct 25A Funding We Will Go
Oct 23Fashion Statement
Oct 21Panda Depressed
Oct 18Stranger Endanger
Oct 16Animal In-stinked
Oct 14Dodgy Bits
Oct 11Contain Yourself
Oct 9Deep Under Cover
Oct 7Welcome Weary Traveler
Oct 4To Catch a Bear
Oct 2Mayday
Sep 30Red Light, Wrong Light
Sep 27Sticking in Your What?
Sep 25Hot Air Buffoon
Sep 23Group Mug
Sep 20I Feel Silly, Oh So Silly
Sep 18Fuzzy What?
Sep 16If You Give a Moose a Frisbee
Sep 13Tree With A View
Sep 11Heres Looking At Me Kid
Sep 9Nice Move Magellan
Sep 6Wrong Toin In Albuquerque
Sep 4Gettin The Ninja On
Sep 2Everyone Knows It’s Windy
Aug 30Friendly Folk
Aug 28Because Its There
Aug 26How Did I Get Here