This guy… captured! Found his way into the witness protection program instead of the animal protection program. It’s an easy mistake.


  Friend of a bear, foil of his antics. Spends his life being the straight-man. Does he have a tail?


  Proprietor of the Flatt Bear Inn. Has a cool accent. Lots of hair.


  Daughter of Lucy, Arc-enemy of Duffy? Not really. but some days she feels like it.


  Shhhhhh…. he has a secret identity. Works for the witness protection program, sent to keep an eye on Duffy. His cover story: a cartoonist from New York.


  He love his protests. His motto: “Everything is a shake-down.”


Lucy’s sister. She’s been all over the place.


Lucy’s mum. She, too, has been all over the place. She has her opinions.

Mr. Grogan

 Spooky caretaker of the inn. His past is unknown. So is his future. The present is pretty murky as well.

Concerned Reader

 He’s very concerned about our well being.

Owl Pacino