is a bear who, after getting himself “captured,”  is mistakenly placed in the witness protection instead of the animal protection program.  Now he lives at and co-owns the Flatt Bear lodge and Cafe and lives among the folks of Flatt Bear who don’t seem to mind, let alone, realize he’s just a bear.  Nothing could go wrong here.



Carl was once content to stay in his den with his … errr… feet planted firmly on the ground, he now finds himself planted squarely in Duffy’s life. Carl takes it upon himself to be Duffy’s voice of reason but this voice is routinely ignored. Bitter snake is bitter.

Lucy, originally hails from Britain, now co-owns the Flatt Bear lodge and cafe.  As a single mom, she tries to balance running a business, a home, raising her daughter, and keeping everything running smoothly.  Good luck with that.



Amelia is the daughter of Lucy.  When she’s not out collecting the bug remains, spelunking old hollow tree, or what ever she fancies for that particular week, she’s spends her time trying to figure out ways not to be annoyed by Duffy.  This can take up a huge amount of her time.

North is an agent from the witness protection program, sent to keep tabs on Duffy.  Undercover as a cartoonist from New York, he tries to keep Duffy under control without giving away his true identity.  Very hush hush, and whoosh, whoosh and all.