I was triming up a tree in my front yard this weekend.  When I cut away a branch, the branch brushed against my arm as it made it’s way down to the ground.  As it did, something… or someone… stung me.  Something attached to that branch.  Really did a number on my arm.  I don’t know what it was, wasp, scorpion, bee, wolverine… I never found what it was, but it was definatly something.  Anyway, long story longer, this gag was borne from all that.

Hey!  Check this out.

There’s nothing that warms the cockles of a cartoonist’s heart than unsolicited fan art.  First let me explain the difference between fan art and a guest strip.  A guest strip is something I solicit another cartoonist to do for me.  Fan art is something another cartoonist, or reader, does for me without me asking.  This is a great compliment to any cartoonist to receive fan art because it means the person is a real fan and this is their way of showing it.

With that said, I received this bit of fan art from Kim Belding.  The same Kim who draws the comic strip Pic Pak Dog.  Kim’s a great guy and a very talented and funny cartoonist.  Check out his work here, and check out his fan art below.  Thanks Kim!!!!



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