He’s got that whole dance thing down. Way down. Way… way… down.

I have a confession to make.

I thought I was being clever. Thought I had a great gag. I keep a list of gags and phrases on my phone. It’s actually a text I send myself when I think of something I think is funny, or situations that might serve as inspiration for news strips. I came across one that I thought was brilliant and original for the April 23rd’s strip so I used it.

Then, when I was looking for a classic strip to post on the 30th, I ran across this little gem posted on November of 2017.

Yep. Guilty of plagiarizing my own material. Usually I delete the text of a strip idea when I use it so I don’t accidentally use it again. Apparently, I forgot to do it this time. My bad. Oh well, Looks like you got a choice between two treatments of a lousy gag. You pick you favorite.

At least I’m not stealing other people’s stuff… yet.

Hide yer gags.

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