Did that just happen?

Well, this could go several ways from here.

1. I say, “well it’s been a good run.  Thanks for the support.”

2. I could say that Monday morning, Duff will wake up from a hypernate sleep and all this will have been a dream.

3. You say, “p.j., you’ve lost your bloody mind!”

I choose to go with the latter.

Actually, this is the big story line I’ve been teasing about for a while.  I’ve had this story arc in mind months ago but was a little nervous about bringing into play. But, in doing this, it will reset certain details in the back story and align it to where I wanted it to be from the beginning.  It will allow me to explore a really great story line and several down the road.  And finally, it will allow me to introduce a character that I’ve been struggling to figure out how and when to bring “them” into the existing cast.

And of course, this is what we like the call in the business… the cliff hanger.  Hopeful gets you to come back on Monday to see how this will play out.



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