Today, we wrap up the guest  week-and-a-day with Courtney Huddleston of Bully’s Bully fame.  His comic was also featured in Duffly’s Spotlight found here.  I thought what a fitting way to end such and amazing week with a take on Duffy during his financial meltdown.  After I had asked Courtney if he was interested in offering a guest strip, he accepted and started working on a concept.  In the meantime, I ran a strip showing Duffy drawing his own interpretation of Flatt Bear at a drawing table.  Courtney emailed me the next day and told me I had “stolen” his concept.  Yikes.  Sorry dude.  He also told me he was already working another concept which he like better.  And this is the wonderful result.

Thanks again to all the artists who took time and creative energy to put this week together.  For a rundown  in case you missed anyone, here was the schedule:

Monday – John Sutton – The Petri Dish

Tuesday – Bill Murphy – Casually Employed

Wednesday – David Hurley – Don’t Pick The Flowers

Thursday – Jon Esparza – Jon’s Crazyverse, Mike and Mindy, Mushrooms, Bubble Fox

Friday – Mark Stokes – Zombie Boy

And remember, don’t forget to check out the great stuff on each artist’s own site.  You might pick up a new strip or two to read.

See you Wednesday with some new Flatt Bear Stuff.

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