It’s like a weird game of Where’s Waldo.  Except, this game’s called Find the Freaks.  We still see you, Duffy and Carl.  Although it was tough at first to find you guys.

My rule of thumb for asking people for guest strips is just one; they have to be a fan of Flatt Bear.  Meaning, they follow the strip, comment, stuff like that.  There’s no sense in asking someone who has never seen he strip to contribute.  They have no vested interest in the material.  And it would come across as asking just so I could say, “hey, I have a Bill Watterson doing a guest strip.  He’s never seen or even read the strip before, that’s why Duffy’s a rock.”  Yeah, seems cheap.

So when I found out that Jason Platt was a fan, I was ecstatic. I mean I went all fan-boy.  I have been following Jason’s strip Mister. and Me for some time and I absolutely adore it.  The artwork, the writing, the characters… the whole package.  I won’t go into too much detail here right now because I plan on doing a Duff’s Spotlight on Jason and his strip later next month.  Jason was another one who I hesitated to ask for a guest strip, thinking he wouldn’t want to do it.  However, when I did ask and he said yes… I felt like I had won the cartoonist lottery.  Like big time.

Who needs you Bill, I got Jason.

Come by tomorrow.  The next guest is simply  magic.

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