I’ll admit, there’s nothing drop-dead hilarious about today’s strip (except Duff’s fascination with pants).  That’s fine.  It’s really more functional today than anything.  So what function does today’s strip serve?

Two actually.

1. It allows me to make another minor change to Lucy so she’s easier to for me to draw.  I thought it would be fun to just come out and bring it to everyone’s attention rather than try to sneak it by; although, most of you wouldn’t have even really noticed.  See, I’ve struggled with Lucy’s character design since day one.  In fact, you can go back to the early strips and see how she’s changed and how inconsistent she’s been.  I think I fixed it and I’m good with her now.

2. This launches a story arc that will make the back story of the strip more legitimate.  The basis for Flatt Bear is Duff is actually in the witness protection program instead of the animal protection program.  I feel I need to explore this aspect a little more so I can solidify the background story.   I’ll also be able to introduce a new character soon that will have an impact on story-line and characters (no, not Sheldon) .

Stand-by and enjoy.

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