So what’s that milestone I mentioned?  You guessed it.  This marks the 3ooth strip I’ve done for Flatt Bear.  So to commemorate that feat, I chose a fitting tribute.  To give our cast the opportunity to show their inner Spartan… and for Lucy to show some gam.  Not only is it strip 300, but it also marks the two year anniversary for Flatt Bear.  Well, that actually was last week, but I chose to wait till today to make this all double cool.

I just wanted to take the time to thank each and everyone of my fantastic and dedicated readers and followers.  Without you, I’d just be drawing a bunch of silly bear cartoons all by my lonesome.  You guys and gals make it all that much more fun and worth while.  To all those who promote me on Twitter, who check out the strip three times a week, for those who offered up their talents this summer for the guest spots, I say thanks.

I honestly didn’t think it would last past a year, and here I am looking at entering year 3.  So what’s in store?  Lots.  I have plans to introduce a few more new characters over the next months and to bring back a few old ones.  And I’ve got a few new story lines on tap as well.  Remember, North still doesn’t know who his client is.  And who knows, maybe we can talk Lucy into a showing a little more leg from time to time.

Stick around, it’ll be great.  And tell your friends.



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