Poor Carl.  Once again, his advice goes unheard.  The good news is, we haven’t had a good “sypin” bit in a long time.


So about that wig…

Once a year, a good friend and fellow cartoonist, Bearman holds a charity event.  During the month of May, Bearman donates cash to one of three worthy charities.  This is his seventh year doing this, and in that seven years, he’s donated over $6000.

So, how does this work?   Simple.  All a cartoonist has to do is feature his character, Bearman on their strip, place the trademark green hair somewhere in the strip, or just mention his cause through blogging.  He will in turn, donate to the charities..  That’s it.  My part is easy, I get to draw a green wig on Duffy.  Your part is just as easy.  All you have to do is read this comic.  Maybe you can head over to Bearman’s site to check out more details behind this charity drive.

Bearman Charity

Bearman Charity 2015

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