And the award for the best parent goes to…


A hedgehog story:

Hedgehogs have just become legal to own here in Arizona.  My youngest has wanted a hedgehog ever since she saw one in New Mexico when she was like 3 years old (she’s currently 14).  We thought it would be great if we got her one for Christmas but since they just became legal, the chances of finding a reputable legit breeder here in Phoenix was nill.  We found one in Albuquerque but had no way to get it.  My father-in-law just so happened to be passing through Flagstaff on his way to California Sunday and said he would pick said hedgehog up and meet us in Flag.  So we packed the whole family up in the car and headed North under the pretense that we were just going up to see the snow.  She had no idea until we met my father-in-law in the parking lot of a Shell station with one road worthy hedgehog why we were going there.  Mission successful!

Six hours in a car, four-hour round trip and a world wind tour of Flagstaff to see the look on my daughter’s face… Totally worth it.

All this to say, today’s strip did not get finished last night.  I will finish and post it on Tuesday.  Make sure you check in tomorrow.


One Hedgehog Please

The bad news, we can’t own a chimp anymore.  Sorry Bubbles.


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