Welcome to guest week-and-a-day.  Whilst I’m on a much needed vacation, some kind and talented folks have stepped in to take over the artistic reigns on Flatt Bear.  The best part of guest strips for me is, I get to see other artist’s interpretations of my characters and my humor.  Taking my stuff and making it their own.  And remember, as you check out their contributions here at Flatt Bear, I encourage you to head over to their own site and check out the fabulous material they

So to start out this week is the ever generous John Sutton of the comic strip The Petri Dish.  John offered this strip unsolicited as an emergency filler back when I was laid up in hospital.  At the time, I wasn’t going to do a guest week, but seeing this strip convinced me it might actually be fun.  Be sure to check out John’s stuff at the link below.

The Petri Dish – John Sutton

I know tomorrow’s Tuesday and not my usual update day, but, don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for day two of guest  week-and-a-day.

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