With Christmas literally right around the corner, it usually means time for joy and time for cheer. However, this year has been different. I’m hoping that, despite the circumstances, you are still able to spend the time in joy and cheer. I would imagine that some of us are spending it alone away from loved ones, and my heart goes out to you all.

Even though it’s different, it still means our days are busy with wrapping gifts and shopping. Myself included. I’ve decided to take a break for this season and come back after the first of the year. I know we’re in the middle of a storyline, but it’s almost a cliffhanger and a good place to pause. It’ll ensure you’ll come back to find out what’s up with the clown. And I can assure you that Mr. Crampy the Clown is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s more to this story on the way with something soooo devilishly shocking….

Well, I’ve said too much. Anyway, enjoy a couple of vintage Christmas post from day of past.

Hopy you enjoy the holiday’s, where ever you are and whomever you are able to spend it with.


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