Yep, we’re back! And we all enjoyed the break.

So what did I do with all that spare time not drawing my strip?

I got all my files organized, reworked my palette and the header on the webpage, redid the cast page, and did some refining on my current cast members.  These were things that I needed to do for a long time but wasn’t able to do because I felt I was always behind the deadline.  Now everything is where is should be and I can now just concentrate on writing and drawing.

Speaking of drawing, I also sketched a thousand or so new characters.   Well, not a thousand but I did come up with a few more new characters.  Felt it was time to expand the Flatt Bear family and you’ll be seeing them over the next few weeks and months.  In fact, we have one of them making his debut next Monday and had been a long time coming.

I’m excited about this new story arc I’m starting this week and excited about what the future holds for Flatt Bear.



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