He does NOT have luck with Christmas trees.  At all.


Today marks the 200th Flatt Bear strip.  Good grief!  I never saw that coming.  We all love milestones.  First 100th strip, the one year anniversary.  Marking time with events is what we do as cartoonists.  And with those milestones, we always examine our material and consider big changes coming.

Uh-oh… big changes?   Is that how it’s going to be for Flatt Bear?

Naw.  I’m continuing on, full steam ahead, no change of course.

Welllll, almost.  At the top of 2015, I’ll be introducing some new characters to the Flatt Bear set.  One in particular has been a long time coming.  Like a year overdue.  But I wanted his entrance to be just right.  Now it’s right.  There might also be some minor tweaks to our current cast as well.  Mostly in the  tightening up some of some of the artwork and methods.  I need to get more efficient in how I draw my characters, especially Duffy.  You all might not know this but, even after drawing Duffy for a year, I still find it a challenge in keeping him consistence looking from one panel to another.

So, what else?  Well, I’ve started advertising Flatt Bear on other sites, just to see if I can generate more traffic.  I had some pretty good response the few weeks I advertised.  Strangely, most of the visits came from Europe.  You might notice too, I’ve placed some add space on my site as well (although, at the time I am typing this, it appears Project Wonderful is down).  And finally, I’m investigating (big emphasis on investigating) some options in merchandising.  Someone keeps bugging me about Duffy plushies and I’ve had a query or two about a Flatt Bear book.  There’s a lot to consider in that area, and a lot of initial expense.

That’s it for now.


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