Remind me never to except an invitation from Duff to do a Barbecue.  My health may depend on it.


Ok, I’ll be honest here.  I hesitated to ask this next artist to do a guest strip because I wasn’t sure she’d say yes.  You see, Autumn Seybert isn’t a cartoonist, really.  She is an honest to goodness illustrator.  She illustrates books, posters, greeting cards, t-shirts, and other great stuff.  I finally asked her and when she said yes, I was absolutely tickled.  Autumn does some amazing artwork and I absolutely adore her style of art.  Funny thing is, she told me she worried that what she was going to submit wasn’t going to be funny enough and actually sought counsel from another comic artist.  Fear not Autumn, this is great stuff.

If you’re curious, you can find Autumn’s art on her portfolio page at Autumn Seybert or you can see some of her stuff on her Twitter feed.  And if you are in need of an illustrator, she’s your gal.

Oooo, and tomorrow’s guest strip will really bug ya.

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