Whoa.  Note to self:  Never fall asleep where Amelia might run across you.

If there is a tireless workhorse of the web comic community, Jon Esparza is it.  Jon is a huge supporter of the comic world and is very involved in all kinds of ways.  When he’s not rallying the troops to help lift the spirits and morale of fellow cartoonists who are down in the dumps, he’s creating fun and unique challenges for us to get involved in.  When he’s done with all that, he’s promoting the pants off of other artists strips and websites.   And of course, he does have his own material he is responsible for.  In fact, he has two strips he creates, Bubble Fox and Peppertown.  Both hand drawn and colored.

How does he find the time?

Next up tomorrow?  A comic strip from a non comic strip writer…

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