See?  The odds were in his favor after all. Well, here it is.  The much awaited, much anticipated finale to our story arc.  And what perfect timing too, considering next week is Flatt Bear’s 1st year anniversary.  It’s as if I planned it that way… hmmm.  So what does this all mean?  Well it places our cast in a new home, finally.  It allows our furry friend Duff to be a hero (he can’t be the goat all the time).  And it serves as a nice jumping off point to start Flatt Bear’s season two.  Placing them in the train station will open up opportunities for more interesting story arcs and allow the introduction of some new characters, both permanent and guest stars. That’s all I’ll say for now for Monday I shall lay out a nice “state of the union address” on Flatt Bear.  Until then, enjoy the weekend.   Cheers.

Hey, I forgot to mention:

I did a lot of research on train stations before I drew this one.  Months worth of surfing the web and tons of photos of vintage train stations from all over the world.  I must say that Canada has the best collection of old train stations around, some of which are still being used today.  The UK is second runner up with small stations dotting the countryside.  Flatt Bear’s train station you see here in today’s strip  is a combination of a two stations.  One called McAdams in New Brunswick Canada (now a museum) and the other is the Wilkes-Barre station in Scranton Pennsylvania (this one’s abandoned, defunct night club/restaurant).  Both great examples of early 20th century architecture for a mode of transportation no longer receiving the attention it once had.

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