I almost didn’t post this one.  I was afraid Amelia’s observation was a little… uncomfortable.  I was afraid my editor would kick it back claiming it might offend folks.  I was afraid my syndicate would refuse to print it and replace it with an older, more friendlier strip instead.  Then, I remembered.  I don’t have an editor nor am I a part of syndicate.  So…BAM!

So it appears that we have one more strip before we finally put this story to bed?  Then, I’m off for two weeks.  The bad news is there won’t be any new Flatt Bear strips for that two weeks.  The good news is there will be all kinds of guest strip goodness instead.  And the even better good news is that there will be a new guest strip everyday for five days for the two weeks.  That’s 10 guest strips from folk like that guy… who does that strip.  And that girl who draws stuff.  You know, those folks.

Can’t wait.

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