Either way, it would be quite the metamorphosis.  Oh wait, that’s a butterfly, not a goth… er moth…er….

I you remember, last year, I took a little break whilst I went on a family vacation.  But, instead of leaving Flatt Bear to languish in limbo, I had employed the help of some great and talented cartoonists and artists to fill in for me whilst I’m away.  Seek, that’s the benefit of doing a self-published web comic vs. a syndicated strip, is we can take breaks and have guest strip.  Anyway, it turned out to be a great success with some very funny stuff.  Well, that time is rolled around again and I’m off on action starting next week  Once again, I asked some fans of Flatt Bear if they’d like to contribute a guest strip for that time and I had great response.  In fact I had such a response, that I have enough material to run a guest strip five days for two weeks.  So, starting on the 20th, I’ll be taking two weeks off from Flatt Bear to recharge.  In the meantime, you’ll be treated to some great guest strips from people like … oh, you’ll just have to tune in next week to see the who’s who of guest strip artists.  But I promise they are fantastic.

In the meantime, we’ll try to bring this current storyline to a close by Friday.  Stick around.



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