Aaaand we’re back!  Feels good.  Once again, thanks to all who took over the Flatt Bear helm whilst I lounged about for two weeks.  Great stuff all around.  And thanks to those who stuck around and supported the efforts.  There are still two gents who submitted material that didn’t get featured.  Fear not folks.  Look for these over the next few weeks to be given their own spotlights.


Speaking of spotlights….

You may be aware that August marks the two years that Flatt Bear’s been running.  I can’t believe we’re going on two years.  Seems like yesterday when I posted my first strip.  Time flies when your battling deadlines I guess.  So to celebrate the two year anniversary and to show reader appreciation throughout those two years, I’m going to be running some challenges and contests.  Kinda like we tried to do last month.  Prizes will be sketch cards, original art, and possibly… maybe… could be an original Flatt Bear strip signed by yours truly?  Maybe?  Perhaps.

But here’s the deal.  In addition to being reader appreciation, these challenges are also celebration two years worth of Flatt Bear stuff.  These challenges are designed for folks to review my archives.  So some of these challenges might require a bit of searching.  I’ll try not to give clues at first, but if it looks like folks are struggling, I might drop a hint or two.

So let’s get started.

Carl has a last name.  It’s mentioned during an media fiasco.  What is it?  Deadline on this will be Friday.  Prize will be a character sketch card.  Winners will always be drawn at random.  Email me right here.

Take luck!

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